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PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Puzzle & Dragons hits a million in the US, Zynga's in need of friends, and Android tablets overtake iPad
by Matthew Diener 3/8/2013
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There's been a lot of thought paid recently into what it means to really 'make it' in the mobile games industry.

Earning millions of dollars from a game is clear indicator of success, but what if the game is creatively lacking?

Can a developer responsible for a by-the-numbers success that follows every rule of monetising efficiently and intelligently be viewed as one who's 'made it'?

Certainly - but so, too, can the hardscrabble indie developer who's barely scraped together a few thousand dollars from downloads of a rich, story-driven game that pushes the boundaries of what players are expecting from a mobile experience.

Ultimately, the answer to what it takes to make it in the modern mobile games industry lies in how you, personally, choose to define success.

Unfortunately, we can't do that for you - but we can give you a good look back at the week that was.

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