PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: PvsZ 2 does 16M downloads, Oculus Rift eyes Android, and 78% of IAP big spenders happy with purchases
By Matthew Diener 24 August 2013
Game Name: PocketGamer.biz | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, PG.Biz, iPad, 3DS, PS Vita, Windows Phone, Windows 8
One of the key underlying concepts of business is the perception of worth.

If a consumer thinks that a product has worth, they'll spend money on it. If they see it as worthless, they'll find another item to buy.

This has been the metric that's driven the games industry for years, but now the movement to free-to-play and games as a service is threatening to turn all that on its head.

Despite this disruption, the perception of worth still plays an enormous decision in whether a player will invest in a few IAPs or if they'll continue playing a game for free. Now, more than ever before, players are beginning to look at the time and money required to advance in a game as deciding factors on whether they’ll invest in it.

So let's take a moment and look back at how players spent their time and money in the past seven days as we look at the week that was.

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