PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Gamevil hits 300M, Kabam's worth $700M, while Microsoft loses $900M but looks to Halo
By Matthew Diener 20 July 2013
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We've been told that it's easier to get than to give, but what happens when you give to get?

Proponents of the free-to-play model will take this rhetorical pause to yell 'profit!', and it's getting harder to disagree with them.

Sales figures from the games given away during the App Store's fifth birthday promotion suggest that there's a strong surge in revenue following the initial 'loss' involved with giving a game away.

Yet some supporters of the premium model will contend that such popular games would never attract downloads, even for free, if they didn't have the polish that higher-end development commands.

It's a true chicken-or-the-egg scenario, and it's one that factors heavily in this week's Week That Was.

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