PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: San Francisco swaggers, Puzzle and Dragons roars, and Google responds to Game Center
By Matthew Diener 18 May 2013
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One of the biggest challenges any developer looking to make its mark in the mobile world faces is finding the right people to hire.

On that note, you'd think that devs based in San Francisco's booming Bay Area would have no problem scoping out the top talent, wouldn't you? In reality, however, almost the opposite is true.

Case in point: With both Mobile Gaming USA and Google's I/O 2013 taking place in San Francisco this past week, we asked some of the industry's biggest players in the city by the bay to give us their take on the state of mobile gaming in the area.

Their take? With so much talent packed into such a small area, competition to attract talent from big players and more agile indie studios is fierce.

Of course, they weren't the only people with something important to say on PocketGamer.biz this week. Check out the links below for a sample of some of the biggest stories in the mobile gaming business during the last seven days.

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