PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Supercell profiled, Plague Inc. vs Pandemic, and Real Racing 3's F2P examined
By James Nouch 16 March 2013
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This week, PocketGamer.biz caught up with Ndemic Creations founder James Vaughan to discuss his App Store debut Plague Inc.

The game – which cost roughly $5,000 to develop – was one of the top 100 grossing apps in 2012 on the US App Store, but Plague Inc. has attracted criticism for its similarity to an existing game.

It's a charge that Vaughan doesn't deny. "A key inspiration for Plague Inc. came from a 2008 Flash game called Pandemic 2 and I have always been very open about this," he explained to PocketGamer.biz contributor Simon Parkin.

But Vaughan was keen to stress that Plague Inc. isn't a clone, and he emphasised the various ways in which he's built on the Pandemic template rather than "mindlessly copying" what had gone before.

Of course, what constitutes a clone is as much a matter of public opinion, popularity and PR as it is codebase. But according to Darkest Timeline Studios founder Catalin Alexandru, true innovation will soon be the only viable path to success in the crowded app stores of major mobile platforms.

Anyway, that's quite enough ruminating for one week. Instead, let's cast our eyes back over the last seven days in mobile gaming.

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