PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: BlackBerry's big day, Worms In Space and The Simpsons' millions
By James Nouch 02 February 2013
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This week, RIM finally launched BlackBerry 10.

Oh wait… Actually, that should say BlackBerry launched BlackBerry 10. But branding aside, the big question is: has BlackBerry done enough to reverse its fortunes?

Developer reaction has been positive. Breakeroids developer coolpowers, for instance, didn't think much of the grand unveiling, but noted that "BlackBerry itself has been super supportive."

What's more, from a technical standpoint, coolpowers found BlackBerry 10 extremely easy to work with – a sentiment echoed by many of the studios we spoke to, and a positive sign given BlackBerry's obvious ambition to rapidly expand its library of apps and games.

So BlackBerry isn't out the game yet. Considering that some doubted the company would even survive long enough to launch its new mobile OS, it was, in one sense, an impressive unveiling whatever your opinion of BlackBerry 10.

Anyway, that's quite enough chatter for now. Instead, let's look back at the last seven days on PocketGamer.biz.

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