PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Shields, Sticks and the rise of the unconsole
By James Nouch 12 January 2013
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This week, PocketGamer.biz editor-at-large Jon Jordan has created a new word: unconsole.

Dissatisfied with the 'micro-console' terminology that's being thrown about, Jordan argues that the era of consoles is, in fact, drawing to a close.

The current crop of Kickstarted games machines all belong in a single category, though, and 'unconsole' is the best descriptor for the job. Or so he reckons.

Regardless of designation, I'd argue that a device such as the Ouya could conceivably carve out a niche for itself – catering to indies and tinkerers, while offering a price point that'll seem mighty tempting when compared to next-gen hardware.

Nvidia's newly announced Project Shield, on the other hand, will likely be pricey. And what's more, Nvidia will want to achieve scale, rather than being content with courting a small subsection of the market.

The company seems committed to achieving this – promising annual hardware revisions for its handheld – but its hard to see how the first version Nvidia's unconsole will be anything other than unsuccessful as a mass-market proposition.

But that's quite enough high-falutin' chatter for one week. Instead, let's move on to our bite-sized overview of the last seven days' on PocketGamer.biz.

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