PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Clone champions, popular failures and tablets get the infographic treatment
By James Nouch 08 December 2012
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In the traditional gaming retail model, popularity leads to financial success. Unless a game suffers astonishing rates of piracy, a large base of players leads inevitably to financial success.

But free-to-play disrupts that seemingly common sense chain of events.

With this monetisation model, it's perfectly possible for popular and acclaimed games to be financial failures, and that's exactly what happened to Gasketball, Punch Quest and Monkey Drum.

This week, intrepid reporter Lee Bradley picked through the wreckage of these three missed opportunities, and talking to their creators in an effort to see what lessons can be learned.

One such lesson, unfortunately, is that updates can only do so much. If the game's monetisation isn't fine-tuned from the get-go, it's an extremely difficult situation to turn around. That's a lesson that these devs have learnt the hard way.

The full report contains a host of other lessons, too, and is essential reading for F2P game designers. But that's enough chat from me. Instead, let's move on to our bite-sized overview of the last seven days' on PocketGamer.biz.

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