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Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 274 - Jumping for JoyJoy
by James Gilmour 16/5/2014
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In a watershed moment for the Pocket Gamer Podcast, this week's show contains a guest who doesn't have any ties whatsoever to this website OR to any its sister sites.

You even might go so far as to call her a 'proper guest'. There's a first time for everything, I suppose.

The newcomer in question is Alysia Judge, who is a writer for online tech publication ITProPortal and a general gaming enthusiast.

With Peter and I manning the remaining mics, we all sit down to chat about the return of Flappy Bird, the Android version of Monument Valley, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

We also cover the newly released iPad port of indie hit Thomas Was Alone and get stuck into polished twin-stick shooter JoyJoy.

Finally, Alysia suffers at the hands of Plants vs Zombies 2 notifications, while Peter plays a bonkers Japanese game with cats in it.

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