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Pocket Gamer 10th Anniversary

Pocket Gamer Community Spotlight - March 27th

You talk. We listen
Product: Pocket Gamer 10th Anniversary | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita
We know you lot aren't shy in coming forward with your opinions. Believe it or not, we read every comment, Tweet, and Facebook message. Sometimes we'll even respond to them.

The Pocket Gamer community spirit is fantastic, and to celebrate that we've started running a new weekly feature based on you, and everything you've got to say.

Here are some of our picks.

We talk a lot about VR on Pocket Gamer, and 2016 definitely seems like the time and place to do that. One of our recent articles looked at the seven best Samsung Gear VR games you can play right now.

While one or two of you agreed with our choices, some of you also had suggestions of your own.

Lightstorm66 actually gave us as many as 9 alternatives. "Temple Run a great Gear VR game? Nope, try Evil Robot Traffic Jam, Herobound 1+2, Esper 2, Anshar Wars 2, Viral, Crashland Reborn, Omega Agent, Protocol Zero, etc."

BlogaBlingaDonga agreed with us on Land's End, but also said that "Darknet is my favourite."

Meanwhile, Pedro.P asked if Google Cardboard is just a gimmick and if it has any interesting apps?

Sethsez suggests "Gear VR is a massive step up in fidelity and accuracy." While Lightstorm66 believes the "Gear VR is much smoother, has faster headtracking, less motion blur, and a lot less drift."

Have you tried VR? What do you make of the different headsets?

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As you probably know, it was GDC last week, and there is an absolute truck-load of content on the site.

One of our most popular pieces was the exclusive gameplay footage we captured from Ironhide Studios' Iron Marines.

There was a ton of excitement on our YouTube channel and SavageShades sums it all up quite nicely "HYPE!"

Mrbanana followed that up by saying "This game looks legendary!"

Chaz Tyldsley chose not to follow the masses though, and believes "No multiplayer is a big misstep." He was even bold enough to claim that "Singleplayer strategies are dull."

Blizzard may beg to differ there.

One thing is for sure, this one has got your attention, and we’ll be keeping plenty of tabs on it over the next few months.

Meanwhile, Alysia has put up tons and tons of GDC videos showing all the different games on the show floor. Make sure to go and check those out.

In a week of surprises, the biggest of all might have been the arrival of XCOM on Playstation Vita.

The game was never officially announced, but suddenly appeared on the PS Store much to the surprise of us and many of you.

"Yay! Roll on payday!" Exclaimed @Danzig303 on Twitter

Jeff Moreira - on the other hand - was a little less enthused "Give me Bioshock for PS Vita for Christ's sake!"

Can't please everyone all the time, I guess..

Another big story is that Punch Club sold 300k units, but has been pirated over 1.5m times.

There's a real split in opinions on this one.

Tanooki openly admitted "Due to the oddball nature of (Punch Club) and potential difficulty, the price has kept me off it."

Funem remembered a previous conversation and highlighted "We have been down this road before. In the past it was discussed that this actually no way to tell how many times an app or game has been pirated. They can't tell how many devices I have so I can legitimately install it on any number of devices and I have more than one PC and multiple Android devices … I, and many others would have to take the numbers given with a huge pinch of salt."

Whatever your opinions on the matter, as Stro points out, it's all rather "Sad…"

If there's one story that really got you talking this week, it's the news that Sony is once again focusing on mobile games, and has created a brand new studio to deliver them.

Aaron MacNaughton came out all guns blazing "How much further can the Vita be put into its grave? I think we're nearing the Earth's core now."

Curtneedsaride is a little more optimistic. "Nice. Many Square-Enix PS titles have been successful on mobile, so it'll be nice to see PS get in the mix and hopefully get more money from me!"

I'm sure Sony would love that too.

Stetch shared his enthusiasm. "This changes so much. For the better (At least for me)."

What games will come first? Uncharted? Ratchet & Clank? Sly Cooper? Who ya got?

And finally, to celebrate #PocketGamer10 you sent in some wonderful fan art. We even had a video. Look at these glorious contributions below….

(Drawn by Sjoerd de Jong)

(Ray - Also drawn by Sjoerd)

(Some retro art from Matt King)

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(A lovely video tribute package from Alex Gol)

It's not too late to send yours in! We'd love to feature it in next week's spotlight. Just put something together and tag it with #PocketGamer10 - we'll pick it up from there. 

Thank you for all your comments, suggestions, and other feedback. We love reading them - however and wherever you choose to express yourself - that’s why we’ve decided to put all this together.

So, don't be shy. Get involved! You could be the next to feature on our Community Spotlight!


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Ray Willmott 27 March 2016
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