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Chillingo begins rolling out games to PlayStation Mobile, starting with award-winning Feed Me Oil
by Matthew Diener 26/6/2013
Product: PlayStation Mobile
Developer: Sony Europe
Manufacturer: Sony Europe
Format: Android, PS Vita
It's been over a year since Sony rebranded the PlayStation Suite as PlayStation Mobile, and almost as long since over 80 third-party studios committed to producing games for the Android and Vita service.

The debut of PlayStation Mobile back in October was somewhere between underwhelming and creepy - but now, the service is set to receive a fresh infusion of games courtesy of Chillingo.

Polygon reports that venerable mobile publisher has already rolled out the Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning Feed Me Oil to PlayStation Mobile.

Four? Score!

Like other PlayStation Mobile releases, Chillingo's games will only be available on the PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Android devices.

Following the release of Feed Me Oil, Chillingo plans to continue its PlayStation Mobile release schedule by rolling out Little Acorns, iBomber Defense, and Roll in the Hole.

Feed Me Oil impressed us with its artistic level design and intriguing physics puzzler gameplay. We found it full of "character and charm" and think it'll make a welcome, casual addition to the suite of PlayStation Mobile games currently available.

If nothing else, at least it's not a creepy leg massage simulator.

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