Sony confirms it's working on a PS4 companion app for iOS and Android
By Anthony Usher 22 February 2013
Game Name: PlayStation App | Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
A couple of days ago, Sony - to the surprise of absolutely nobody - officially announced the next iteration of its ├╝ber-popular PlayStation home console.

Unfortunately, the corporation didn't actually show off the new PS4 console during its presentation. Shame.

Sony did, however, showcase an Xbox SmartGlass-style PS4 second screen mobile app that will eventually make its way to both iOS and Android.

Plugged in

With the tentatively named PlayStation App, much like with Microsoft's abovementioned counterpart, you will be able to view in-game maps, menus, and more on your smartphones and tablets.

You'll also be able to browse Sony's PSN Store on the move. Any games, movies, avatars, or DLC packs that you download on your smartphone will be waiting for you on your console when you get home.

It's probably pretty safe to assume, by the way, that Sony's forthcoming app will allow you to view all of your unlocked trophies (much like the PlayStation Official App [download] does now), too.

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