Help to find a cure for cancer by playing Play to Cure: Genes In Space on iOS and Android
By Chris Priestman 04 February 2014
Game Name: Play to Cure: Genes In Space | Developer: Guerilla Tea Games | Publisher: Cancer Research | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
We all know that cancer is a terrible disease. So, wouldn't it be great if you could help find a cure for it?

Well, you can. And all you need to do is play a video game.

Play to Cure: Genes In Space (formerly known as GeneGame) is an action arcade space sim. You fly out into the vast vacuum in your spaceship in search of Element Alpha.

This in-game material represents cancer samples that thousands of scientists painstakingly examine every day for genetic faults.

You help out by searching for Element Alpha (genetic faults) within the asteroid-filled levels (the cancer samples), and then bringing it back to your in-game employer (Bifrost Industries).

You can then trade Element Alpha for upgrades to your ship that will help you manoeuvre through the levels.

Attentive players will find ways to speed up their search, and will learn to sell their stock when the market prices are high (rather than low).

If you fancy playing a space trading game and helping towards curing cancer, you can pick up Play to Cure: Genes In Space for free on iOS [download] and Android [download].

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