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Get ready to smash your tablets - Pivvot is out on Android
by Wesley Copeland 20/9/2013
Product: Pivvot
Developer: Fixpoint Productions
Format: Android
Genre: Arcade
Remember Pivvot? That murderous little gem that launched on iOS last month? Well, now it's available on Android, if you Droid-loving sadists fancy taking it for a spin.

If you've yet to play it, you're in for a hellacious treat. Pivvot takes a simple concept (moving a ball through a maze), and tests your reflexes by ramping the difficulty up to 11.

It's a tough game, but when everything falls in to place, it's hugely rewarding.

In his review, Harry said "the beauty of Pivvot is two-fold. First there's the simplicity of the mechanics. Then there's the addictive pattern-following gameplay."

"It's super tough, and at first a little difficult to get your head around. But once it clicks you'll find yourself utterly engrossed."

Pivvot is available to download now via Google Play for the sum of £1.93 / $2.99.
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