Kickstart this: Explore space as a sky pirate in 3D platform adventure Pirates of New Horizons
By Chris Priestman 15 November 2013
Game Name: Pirates Of New Horizons | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform

You're probably not familiar with 3D platform adventure, Pirates of New Horizons. It was a work-in-progress PC-only game that went into "hibernation" about a year ago.

There had been no further word about it since. However, out of the blue comes a Kickstarter campaign for an iOS and Android version of the game.

Why should you care? Imagine Super Mario Galaxy with an acrobatic sky pirate called Annha, who's joined by a flying cat, Professor Henceworth, as she sails through space.

There's colourful worlds to visit and climb around in your pursuit of enough gold to buy Annha's dream estate. 

What I remember most from the browser demo is using one of Annha's many gadgets to grapple around the rooftops of a robot town.

It's fast-paced way to travel, and you get a great view of the beauteous 3D graphics.

If you're on a desktop PC, you can still check out the older beta demo of Pirates of New Horizons. It will give you a thorough look at the game's first areas.

$10,000 is needed to get Pirates of New Horizons on mobile. You can pledge just $5 towards the game's development in exchange for a copy when it's ready. 
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