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Pipe Swipe
Pipe dreams
by Harry Slater 21/9/2011
Product: Pipe Swipe
Developer: Chippy BM Games
Publisher: Chippy BM Games
Format: Android
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Pipe-joining games have been around for decades, but it's fair to say that the closest the sub-genre has come to having a Citizen Kane moment is appearing as a mini-game in BioShock. 

Can Pipe Swipe, from Chippy BM Games, finally elevate the concept to the dizzy heights of critical acclaim?

Granddad's Pipe

Pipe Swipe is a simple game both in terms of execution and presentation. According to the story, you're a paint mixer in a factory, tasked with making sure paints of the correct colours make their way to their intended destinations. ...
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A decent pipe-based puzzler that won't have you writing glowing letters to the folks back home, but will keep you entertained for a while
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 7
Value: 7
Innovation: 7
Overall: 7
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