Avoid traps, evade enemies, and nab eggs in free iOS and Android platformer Pili Pili Rush
By Anthony Usher 02 April 2013
Game Name: Pili Pili Rush | Publisher: The Game Atelier | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform
Flying Hamster HD developer The Game Atelier has released a brand-new eye-catching free-to-play iOS and Android platformer called Pili Pili Rush.

Pili Pili Rush features 60 puzzle-centric stages spread across six luscious environments, including an Aztec temple, a haunted wood, and a mysterious faraway isle.

Playing as a strange trapezoid-shaped character called Pili Pili, you have to successfully traverse each bite-size level collecting eggs for your friend Minka.

Each stage is chock-full of switches, treasure chests, and a wide variety of enemies that you can either avoid or defeat by stamping on their heads.

In Pili Pili Rush, you can control your on-screen protagonist with three simple virtual buttons ('left', 'right', and 'jump') or with one of those nifty iCade peripheral thingies.

Either way, you'll have to complete each level as fast as you possibly can if you wish to nab a three-star rating and beat your buddies to the top of Pili Pili Rush's Game Center-powered leaderboards.

You can grab Pili Pili Rush from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right now for free.
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