Beautifully drawn puzzler Pavilion will have you gazing into the future
By James Gilmour 14 January 2013
Game Name: Pavilion | Developer: Visiontrick Media | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform, Puzzle
The moon hangs fat and full in the sky. A synth swirls, breathing its mournful song into the turquoise night.

A man awakes beneath a stained glass window. He lies upon a platform seemingly suspended in mid-air. He stands, and begins to levitate upwards toward a strange, runic circle...

So begins the trailer for Pavilion, an upcoming puzzler from Visiontrick Media due to arrive later this year.

Enigmatically described as a "fourth person exploratory experience", Pavilion appears to be an isometric puzzle game, in which you manipulate the environment to get your character to an exit.

Apparently channelling the dreamy atmosphere of an Amiga-era Psygnosis game (see Shadow of the Beast II's menu screen), the developer has clearly poured time and effort into making Pavilion's audio and visuals as moody and magnificent as possible.

Besides the dream-catcher imagery and themes of "truth", Pavilion's narrative remains a mystery.

However, the game's surreal level design and gorgeous screenshots definitely have our attention, so we're putting it in our 'One to Watch' folder. Seriously. We have a folder.

Expect Pavilion to arrive on iOS and Android during the "latter half" of 2013.
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