One day left for Parallel Kingdom players to buy a Turkey Hat for Thanksgiving charity
By Jon Jordan 19 November 2012
Game Name: Parallel Kingdom | Developer: PerBlue | Publisher: PerBlue | Format: Android, iPhone | Genre: Location- based, Multiplayer, RPG
Thursday is US Thanksgiving Day and that means turkey all-round.

Of course, that's often what we assume in the shiny-happy world of games, but in the real real-world things can be very different.

And that's why developer PerBlue and game charity platform PlayMob are hooking up for their second annual campaign.

Labelled 'Give Food to Give Thanks', it's a move that enables players in PerBlue's popular location-based game Parallel Kingdom [available for iOS, Android and web] to use their in-game currency to direct a cash donation to a person or family in need.

Tuck in

In the way of such campaigns, it works when you buy the Thanksgiving Turkey Hat for your avatar.

This costs 800 Food, and results in a Thanksgiving meal being provided for a homeless child via non-profit HELP USA. Alternatively, you can buff up and get the Golden Turkey Hat, which costs 6,500 Food and provides a Thanksgiving meal for a family.

"We are delighted to be working with PerBlue to run the Thanksgiving campaign again. Last year it made a huge difference for homeless people in New York, who may not have enjoyed the festivities along with the rest of the US," said Jude Ower, Playmob's CEO.

"The Parallel Kingdom players and PerBlue team are leading the way in gaming for good, and making an impact globally."

Looking for 701

In 2011, Parallel Kingdom players donated over 700 Thanksgiving meals.

"Parallel Kingdom players have proven to be philanthropic and eager to make a difference," commented PerBlue's CEO Justin Beck.

"We hope to match or even beat last year's donations, while spreading some holiday cheer to those who need it most."

Donations will be accepted until 20th November.

You can find out more via the PerBlue website.
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