[Update] Out now: Complete missions while you sprint like a lunatic in arcade-runner Pac-Man Dash!
By Anthony Usher 19 July 2013
Game Name: Pac-Man Dash! | Publisher: Namco Bandai Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running
Updated on July 19th, at 9:14: Pac-Man Rush! is now available to download from Google Play, too.

You can grab it for your Android blowers by clicking on this hyperlink.

Original story follows...

Okay. So, once again we have some good news and some potentially bad news to share with you today.

The good news is that Namco Bandai Games will release a brand-new Pac-Man title called Pac-Man Dash! on the App Store at midnight this evening.

The potential bad news is that Pac-Man Dash! is - as its name suggests - another of those free-to-play running titles that are pretty popular at the moment.

Naturally, we'll reserve full judgement until we've reviewed it.

Your aim in Pac Man Dash!, then, is to guide Namco Bandai's infamous pill muncher through a variety of stages, completing missions and gobbling up ghosts as you go.

There are over 70 unique missions in this new game, so get ready to eat a set numbers of cookies and leap into the air a pre-determined number of times to find success here.

Speaking of cookies, you can purchase power-ups from the in-game store using the cookies you collect on your travels. If you live in the US, you can scan the barcodes on special physical Pac-Man toys to unlock power-ups, too.

Interested? If so, go and download Pac-Man Dash! from the App Store from around midnight this evening.
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