Create an Overkill 2 profile and unlock special support items prior to game's April 4th launch
By Anthony Usher 27 March 2013
Game Name: Overkill 2 | Publisher: Craneballs Studios | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action
Czech developer Craneballs has confirmed that Overkill 2 will miss its March release window, and will instead hit the App Store and Google Play on April 4th.

Don't take your uniform off just yet, though, smartphone soldier. There's plenty for you to do prior to the game's release.

By creating an Overkill 2 profile and recruiting some of your friends, you can earn yourself a combat vest, some camouflaged army trousers, and a boatload of support items, for example.

Add a single friend to your profile, and you'll receive a free flash grenade. You'll receive a stun grenade for adding two friends, and two sets of armour if you manage to attract three friends.

The more friends you add, the better your reward.

Creating a free profile isn't just about nabbing rewards, by the way. A profile will also allow you to view detailed statistics and keep your progress in sync across multiple devices.

You can, of course, also still get your grubby mitts on a free German-made MP 40 submachine gun by heading over to the Overkill 2 micro-site and entering your Facebook or email details.

In case you've forgotten, Overkill 2 will be released on April 4th. It'll be free to download.
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