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GDC 2013: Necrosoft confirms Oh Deer! and Gunhouse coming to PS Mobile
by James Gilmour 28/3/2013
Product: Oh Deer!
Developer: Necrosoft
Format: Android, PS Vita
Genre: Action, Racing
Indie outfit Necrosoft has announced its plans to release What would Molydeux? game jam creations Oh Deer! and Gunhouse for PlayStation Mobile.

Speaking at GDC, Necrosoft CEO Brandon Sheffield describes Gunhouse as a game about, unsurprisingly, "a house made of guns". 

Apparently, Gunhouse players will have to use this architectural wonder to "defend orphans from alien invaders" by redirecting guns and arranging puzzle pieces within the house.

The concept for Gunhouse was born out of the What Would Moyldeux? game jam, which was held in Los Angeles last year.

The event, co-organised by Sheffield, consisted of a group of devs coming together to make games inspired by the tweets of fake Twitter personality Peter Molydeux, a satire account based on legendary designer Peter Molyneux.

Road warrior

Sheffield also discussed Oh Deer!, a upcoming retro driving game inspired by Outrun. According to the dev, players take control of a station wagon, and use it to hit "as many or as few deer as possible". 

Interestingly, at least some Oh Deer!'s visuals are the work of Mojang's art developer Junkboy.

What's more, the Necrosoft team was able to coax Streets of Rage 2 and 3 composer Motohiro Kawashima out of retirement to work on the game's soundtrack.

Both games will be available on PS Mobile. Gunhouse is expected to be touchscreen-only, while Oh Deer! will be compatible with the PS Vita's physical controls. Release dates have yet to be confirmed.

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