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OTTTD will give tower defence a much-needed punch on May 22nd for iOS and Android
by Chris Priestman 15/5/2014
Product: OTTTD
Developer: SMG Studio
Publisher: SMG Studio
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Tower defence
OTTTD is an abbreviation for "Over The Top Tower Defence". And that's exactly what this game delivers.

At its core, OTTTD is the same tower defence game we've played several times over. Place towers around a road, improve them, unlock new ones, and defend your base.

But what this game contains in droves is style. And, well, hyperbole. It's set in the future, for one. And you're employed under Herocorp. Your task is to kill for cash.

Not only will you have to place towers, but you'll also have to recruit a team (made up of engineers, rocketeers, recon, and so on), each with its own weapons and skills. Some can repair towers. Others act as tanks with more explosive weaponry.

Perhaps the best aspect of OTTTD is that every strange enemy you kill turns into slabs of meat, flesh, and bone upon death. It doesn't fade away, either; the bits of bodies pile up.

There are also ridiculous bosses to take on. These include the Kraken, a flying Zombie Shark, and a giant War Tortoise. My favourite is the Shanktopus, which is an octopus that wields knives on a motorbike.

OTTTD is surprisingly refreshing considering it offers the same old tower defence experience with which we're so familiar.

It'll be available on iOS and Android on May 22nd, and will cost £1.99 / $2.99. IAPs will be offered for "noncritical elements".
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