Indie action RPG Cryamore funded on Kickstarter, may come to Android and iOS as well
By Matthew Diener 28 January 2013
Game Name: NostalgiCO | Publisher: NostalgiCO | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Ouya | Genre: Action, RPG
It's a rare game that reaches its Kickstarter goal in under 72 hours, but Cryamore isn't your typical game.

Designed by a creative team of long-time RPG fans, Cryamore aims to recapture the nostalgic feel of 16- and 32-bit console RPGs by blending elements from The Legend of Zelda, The Secret of Mana, and Metroid along with the more modern feel of Lili.

Yet Cryamore isn't just a retro rehash of mid-nineties nostalgia. Instead, it wraps all of these elements up in an aesthetic that will be familiar to anime fans with plenty of "lush, hand-drawn" artwork to help bring the unique game world to life.

Play Esmy for me

The quirky RPG tells the story of the bookish Esmyrelda Maximus (Esmy), who sets off on a quest to find new deposits of cryamore - an energy source that her home island uses as an alternative to steam power.

This seemingly mundane task won’t be an easy one, however.

After years of use, cryamore was found to cause an imbalance in the island's natural order and this has caused waves of monsters to plague her settlement.

Now, it's up to Esmy to right what's wrong in the world while saving her island home in the process.

It's ok to Cryamore

Like Esmy's quest, Cryamore is facing a long and difficult road before it comes to iOS or Android.

NostalgiCO states that it has "no confirmed plan" for an iOS Port just yet, but that it would begin working on an iOS version should Cryamore’s Kickstarter campaign reach $150,000. Once it hits this mark, it will begin work on an Android/Ouya version as well.

Considering that Cryamore has shot past its funding goal of $60,000 in under three days and has 28 days left in its campaign, there's a good chance that we'll see this action RPG in the world of mobile gaming soon.

Assuming, of course, that its campaign doesn't run out of cryamore first…

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