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Nokia continues to resist Android

MeeGo and Symbian provide best value

Product: Nokia news | Manufacturer: Nokia
Nokia news Android, thumbnail 1
In a question and answer session held on Twitter, Nokia’s Niklas Savander rejected a call for the Finnish handset manufacturer to turn to Google’s Android OS.

User diogoney voiced the frustrations many have felt over Nokia’s persistence with the Symbian platform: “why does Nokia refuse to use Android? It has the hype, good press and devs Nokia needs so bad!”

To which Savander replied: “our platform choices (symbian and meego) gives us the best opp to deliver value and of course qt will play key role.”

Savander wasn’t alone in rejecting Google’s popular mobile OS. Twitterer LessThanDoug chipped in with “Android is not the ans. We need Symbian to be cleaned up and given more power and better UI, now though,” which prompted an enthusiastic “AMEN!” from Nokia’s executive vice president.

Nokia's imminent N8 handset will be the last N-Series device to feature Symbian, with the new MeeGo (a mixture of Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo) OS set to make its mobile debut on the N9.

Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy 9 August 2010
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Anonymous | 18:57 - 10 August 2010

Own a Nokia by any chance?
Anonymous | 16:22 - 9 August 2010
Thank god that Nokia that will not go Android. That OS sucks balls. It is slow and inefficient, and hence it is way to difficult for hardware manufacturers to make affordable smartphones with that Java-based crap. Meego is a far superiour OS in technical terms and has far greater scalability than Android will ever have. Actually, the same goes for Symbian^3.

songa: "too bad for Nokia, but awesome news for all other hardware manufacturers like Motorola and HTC."

Yeah, right. Why would Nokia voluntarily give up control (and future income from services) to Google, when they still have around 40% of the smartphone market? Now that would be a pretty stupid move.

You cannot take companies like Motorola or HTC in comparison with Nokia. Motorola and HTC have virtually no infrastructure or any worthwhile software-platform to speak of on their own and so obviously they have to go Android. Remember all the crap devices they produced before Android came out?

As for Motorola specifically - they still struggle. They had profit in Q2 2010, but only because they sold another division off. They still struggle making money even on their Android phones. My guess is that if this continues, Motorola will be out of business within 1 to 1,5 years time.

Nokia on the other hand, even though they face fierce competion in the high-end and therfore their profit margins have gone down, they still have managed to pull a profit every single quarter for the last year and roughly maintained their overall smartphone marketshare.

Considering how much pounding Nokia have received the last year, that is an impressive performance, no matter how you look at it!

Chew on that "songa"...
Mar 2008
Post count:
Mr Hearn | 15:50 - 9 August 2010
How embarrassing - thanks Name
Anonymous | 15:21 - 9 August 2010
too bad for Nokia, but awesome news for all other hardware manufacturers like Motorola and HTC.
Anonymous | 12:50 - 9 August 2010
It is not true that the N8 is the last N-series device running Symbian. Nokia are not commenting on future releases, but they have said its the only one on their roadmap expected to run Symbian^3, and the door is definitely open for Symbian^4 on future N-series devices. (Read http://conversations.nokia.com/2010/07/02/the-fightback-starts-now/ for more.)
Anonymous | 12:43 - 9 August 2010
Nokia is not a SWEDISH company! it is a Finnish company