You can now enter Nintendo's magical Miiverse via your smartphone or tablet web browser
By Anthony Usher 25 April 2013
Game Name: Nintendo Miiverse | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows 8 | Genre: Multiplayer
Exciting news, folks: you can now gain access to Nintendo's glorious Miiverse social network via the web browser on your favourite smartphone or tablet.

This web-based version of Miiverse is currently in beta mode, so - naturally - it's lacking some of the features that are present in its Wii U counterpart.

While it's possible to comment and leave a Like-style 'Yeah!' on existing posts, you can't currently create new discussion threads, for example.

You can, however, view your activity feed and user menu, and keep track of your notifications and communities.

The dark side

Unfortunately, you need a Nintendo Network ID to enter the Miiverse. So, you still need a Wii U console (or a friend with a Wii U console) before you can take advantage of the new Miiverse web portal.

In the past, Nintendo has stated that it will release dedicated Miiverse apps for a variety of smartphones and possibly even tablets.

For now, though, click on this here link in your smartphone or tablet browser and head on over to Nintendo's Miiverse.

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