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Fish like Fruit Ninja ninja with Ninja Fishing, now available for Android
by Matthew Diener 3/7/2012
Product: Ninja Fishing
Developer: Gamenauts
Format: Android
Genre: Arcade
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Gamenauts has released its popular iOS fishing game Ninja Fishing onto Android as a free-to-play title.

The hybrid fishing/slashing game combines a quiet day of solitary angling with an impromptu game of Fruit Ninja once your fishing ninja hauls in his catch.

Following its iOS release, Ninja Fishing went on to become a successful freemium game on the App Store and eventually climbed to the #7 slot, despite its rather pronounced similarities to Ridiculous Fishing.

Finjitsu: The art of stealth fishing

Much of this success comes from the two-games-in-one gameplay of Ninja Fishing.

During the fishing portion, players use tilt controls to guide their hook in a quest to catch as many fish (and treasure chests) as possible in a single cast.

Once the hook breaks the surface of the water, the camera pans up as fish begin flying. The game then turns into a faithful homage to Fruit Ninja as players swipe to slash fish while avoiding sticks of dynamite along the way.

At 35MB, Ninja Fishing offers Android owners plenty of fish to catch and upgrades to unlock once they clean the carp off of their katanas.

Google Play: Ninja Fishing

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