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Nimble Quest teaser trailer leads us on a merry chase with iOS and Android launch details
by Jon Mundy 19/3/2013
Product: Nimble Quest
Developer: NimbleBit
Publisher: NimbleBit
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action
The developer behind the excellent Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes is all set to go action-packed on us with Nimble Quest.

While those aforementioned NimbleBit games were all about management and strategy, Nimble Quest is a frenetic dash of a mobile game that takes its inspiration from a true golden oldie.

Nokia's Snake may be from a bygone era of brick-like feature phones, but I dare say we've all played and enjoyed a game or ten of it over the past decade.

And Snake is precisely what springs to mind when viewing the Nimble Quest teaser trailer (below), which NimbleBit posted on YouTube earlier today.

In the short video, NimbleBit demonstrates how you must lead a conga line of fantasy heroes through a series of arenas, raining hot fiery (and magical, and physical) death on your enemies.

As we reported previously, there's also a social competitive element to Nimble Quest, for you will be able to join guilds and compete against others in special time-limited quests.

Besides this lovely gameplay footage, the new video contains some valuable information on Nimble Quest's launch. It'll be out on iOS on March 28th.

That's not all. Android owners will get their very own version at some point in April.
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