10 of the rest: Food Run, Dungeon Lore, Tank Battle, and more
By Mark Brown 24 January 2013
Game Name: New iPhone, iPad, and Android Games | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Welcome back to "10 of the rest", Pocket Gamer's round-up of all the new iPhone, iPad, and Android games that we didn't find time to cover this week.

Hundreds of new games hit the App Store and Google Play every day, so we can never write about everything. Instead, we pick and choose the most interesting and noteworthy apps.

To make sure no one is left out, though, we like to chuck ten of the most exciting 'leftover' new games in this here article.

Let us know if you like the look of any of these.

Dingle Dangle
By Just Some Games - buy on iPhone and iPad

Quick! Sound the 'Chillingo 69p puzzler of the week' alarm! Nee-naw, nee-naw.

In this one, you've got to lower a rope into various dark and dingy underground lairs in order to rescue adorable fuzzy Dingles.

Then, you'll pull them back up to the surface and stow them away in your airship.

You can buy gadgets to help you out, and increase your chance of obtaining that elusive three-star reward. It's cute and fun, but a little slow and fiddly for my tastes.

Food Run
By Kevin Ng - buy on iPhone and iPad

Food Run

Food Run is one of them auto-runners. Yeah, like Rayman Jungle Run and whatnot.

In this one, you play as a piece of food with legs.

I don't have much more to say, so I'll now fill up this space by listing some of the food in the game...

Egg. Banana. Popcorn in paper container. Hot dog (with ketchup and mustard). Melon. Potato (with jacket). Glazed donut. Slice of cake. Apple.

Dungeon Lore
By 3D Attack - buy on iPad

If you recognise the name 3D Attack, it's because it's the developer behind upcoming 2D platformer The Other Brothers.

While we're waiting for that, though, here's an iPad-only dungeon-crawler. It's properly old skool, with dice rolls and character sheets and a buttload of loot.

It's very slow and stodgy, mind. This one's only for real hardcore fans of these deep turn-based tactical RPG things. It wasn't for me, at least.

Wide Sky
By Marcus Eckert - buy on iPhone

Wide Sky is one stylish little game. Everything from the font, to the colour scheme, to the menus screams good design.

The actual gameplay is a little harder to pin down. You're a hedgehog with a rope, and you've got to fire yourself into orbs and stars and stuff.

Judging by the six nanoseconds I played of Wide Sky, it's all a bit fiddly on the iPhone. It's a shame there's no iPad version. Such is life.

By Channel 4 - download free on iPhone and iPad


Here's one to check out. It's published by Channel 4, and developed by Preloaded, who made that awfully addictive puzzler LinkEm.

SuperSight, meanwhile, is a little arena brawler. You need to tap on all the enemies to duff them up, and use all sorts of different power-ups to get the upper hand.

It's stylish and engaging and free. Get it.

Old School Defense
By Big Blue Bubble - buy on iPhone and iPad, or buy on Android

Here's a weird one. Fancy a tower defence tie-in to that extremely recent movie Old School? You know, the dire Will Ferrell comedy from, uh, 2003.

Well, Burn the Rope creator Big Blue Bubble saw fit to dredge up some bad memories in this good-looking tower defence game on mobile.

Apparently, it includes "pledges with names you will remember from the movie". Yeah, I somehow doubt that.

Tennis in the Face
By 10tons - buy on iPhone and iPad

Here's a fun one. It's the latest game from 10tons - of King Oddball and Joining Hands fame - and it's a physics-driven puzzler with a tennis twist.

You're ex-tennis star Pete Pagassi (hmm, see what 10tons did there?), who's on a quest to rid the world of addictive energy drinks.

And that quest involves pelting clowns and police officers in the face with tennis balls. Obviously.

It's perfectly good fun, and rather satisfying to clock a clown in his dumb red nose. It's definitely one to check out.

Headshots Alley
By Gamewell - buy on iPhone

Here's an endless murder simulator with 16-bit graphics.

Your mission, if you hadn't guessed by reading the name, is to run down an alley and shoot people in the face until their head explodes in a volcano rush of blood.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you wonder if the NRA has a point about video games. Only sometimes, mind.

Tank Battle: North Africa
By Hunted Cow Studios - buy on iPhone and iPad

Strategy specialist Hunted Cow offers up a sequel to its much-loved RTS title Tank Battle: 1944.

This time, you'll take command of the British Commonwealth and US Forces, as you fight to keep North Africa out of German hands.

And you'll do so with bloody big tanks!

You've got 36 unit types to command, new flanking mechanics, an in-depth tutorial, a 16-mission campaign, and tanks.

Did we mention that it features tanks? It does.

Pixel Quest RPG
By MMz Tech - buy on iPhone

Finally, here's Pixel Quest, a game that takes as much inspiration from Minecraft as it does from Dragon Quest.

According to our review of the Android version of Pixel Quest, "you can collect resources, create your own unique items, and participate in an open-world experience."

We also said " it needs some more work before it fully realises its true potential" and gave it a 6, though. So, maybe give this one a wide berth.
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