10 of the rest: Zen Training, Vectros, Rocket Island, and more
By Mark Brown 17 January 2013
Game Name: New iPhone, iPad, and Android Games | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Good day, ladies and gents.

Welcome back to "10 of the rest", Pocket Gamer's round-up of all the new iPhone, iPad, and Android games that we didn't find time to cover this week.

Hundreds of new games hit the App Store and Google Play every day, so we can never write about everything. Instead, we pick and choose the most interesting and noteworthy apps.

To make sure no one is left out, though, we like to chuck ten of the most exciting 'leftover' new games in this here article.

Let us know if you like the look of any of these.

Rocket Island
By HandyGames - buy on iPhone and iPad or download free on Android

Rocket Island

To kick us off in style, how about a hex-based puzzle game, with a steampunk sensibility?

Yeah, that sounds good to me, too.

In Rocket Island, your quaint little hexagonal isle is about to get obliterated by natural disasters. So, you want to quickly harvest resources and build rockets to get the inhabitants to the moon.

Heroes and Castles
By Foursaken Media - buy on iPhone and iPad

Heroes and Castles

Watch out! It's the new game from the creator of N.Y. Zombies.

On this occasion, we're in medieval times, and we're killing goblins instead of the undead. And we're swapping guns for massive battle axes.

You'll fight in massive battles; summon armies to fight alongside you; upgrade your castle's defences; and learn new skills and abilities. All sounds top notch.

Tin Man Can
By RedCandy - buy on iPhone and iPad

Tin Man Can

Tin Man Can. NOT Tin Can Man. Tin Man Can, okay?

This is a side-scrolling platformer from RedCandy and Chillingo, where you use tiny robot Tic's jetpack and propeller to glide over danger.

It's got a full 60-level story, and it boasts real-time online multiplayer racing. Plus, leaderboards and achievements through Game Center.

Zen Training
By Forest Moon Games - buy on iPhone and iPad

Zen Training

Zen Training is not very, well, zen.

You've got to rotate a little garden around so falling blocks drop onto the correct runes. It gets very hard very fast, making it all too tense to be considered zen.

But, if Dance Dance Revolution in a Japanese zen garden sounds like it could be your new jam, give it a go. It's got bonus levels, social features, and pretty graphics.

Gene Effect
By Lightstorm3D - buy on Android

Gene Effect

Oh! This space exploration game looks rather dashing, doesn't it?

In Gene Effect, you explore randomly generated caves on the planet Kratoss, while also collecting resources and fending off alien enemies.

According to the iPhone Quality Index, last year's iOS edition of Gene Effect was rather good. Now, Android owners can get in on the fun, too.

Busy Bags
By Kaasa solution - buy on iPhone and iPad

Busy Bags

This one looks like you're in charge of the luggage claim area at an airport.

So, you'll need to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that everyone - from tourists to international celebrities - gets his suitcase on time.

It's a fresh concept, at least.

Keep Moving
By sun xiao - buy on iPhone and iPad

Keep Moving

Keep Moving is a location-based game. It litters your nearby area with flags, and you've got to track them all down within the time limit by physically running up to them.

It uses GPS to keep track of you, by the way. GPS. With the satellites. In space.

Yes, you're beaming coordinates from your iPhone to satellites orbiting the earth so you can play a video game. We are a weird species.

Lode Runner Classic
By Tozai, buy on iPhone or buy on Android

Lode Runner

Classic gaming now.

Lode Runner is, apparently, a video game that people used to play.

Now, you can play it again, in all its antiquated pixel-art goodness on your iPhone. Go nuts.

By nenet - buy on iPhone and iPad


More classic gaming… sort of.

This wireframe space shooter is an all-new game, though it looks just like one of those barmy vector scan arcade games that fizzled out in the early '90s.

So, you'll shoot enemies. You'll collect power-ups. You'll use your iPhone's gyro sensor to whiz in and out of danger. Looks yummy.

By DataSmugglers - download free on Android


The developer of this indie MMO describes this as "a great big strategy game that gives you the unfair advantage".

Basically, the longer you play (or the more you pay), the more resources you'll have at your disposal.

So, given that the game's been out on Google Play for a few days, you're already at a massive disadvantage to those who got it on day one. Sorry.
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