Gameloft FPS Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will hit the iOS App Store at midnight
By Mark Brown 05 December 2012
Game Name: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour | Publisher: Gameloft | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Shooter | Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network)
Updated on December 6th, at 9:00: Whoops - we mistakingly had the US price down as $9.99. It's actually just $6.99.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
- Gameloft's latest first person shooter, and one of the mostly hotly-anticipated iOS games of the year - will hit the App Store at midnight tonight.

It's a bombastic globe-trotting gun fest, as you jump from Antarctica to Barcelona (and everywhere in between) gunning down the bad guys with futuristic weapons and drones.

You'll see both sides of the fight. On the one hand, you'll play as US military soldiers, and on the other you'll play as nasty terrorist bloke Edward Page.

Looking sharp

It's got impressive console-nearing visuals, and lifelike physics animations thanks to the Havok Engine. But you know all that, because you read our hands-on Modern Combat 4 preview, right?

It's also bursting with control options. There are touch and gyroscope aiming options, and you've got full control over the size and placement of all the virtual buttons.

Hurt me plenty

Once you've finished the story, there's also a full multiplayer mode with with 12 player online battles in match types like team deathmatch, capture the flag, and zone control.

You can also rock up with a six-man party, or create custom matches for your friends.

There's a loadout system where you can pick your own guns and attachments (it works out at over 20,000 combinations). You'll unlock these with Gameloft points, which you can earn as you play, or buy through in-app purchases.


Battle plan

Zero Hour has just landed on the shores of New Zealand, packing an AK–47 and a remote-operated drone. That means it will hit the US and UK App Stores at about midnight tonight.

This universal app will cost you £4.99 / $6.99. It works on an iPhone 4 and up, an iPod touch fourth generation and newer, and an iPad 2 (or iPad mini) or more recent.

The Android version will follow along shortly.
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