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Check out these awesome-looking Minecraft figures and playsets from Character Options
by Wesley Copeland 8/10/2013
Product: Minecraft toy news
Publisher: Character Options
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Virtual Pet/ Toy
With Christmas less than three months away (sorry!), parents everywhere are madly poking their kids for clues on what may or may not be the hottest present this year.

Chances are, however, if you've got 'kids' between the ages of 6 and 30, they're going to want something Minecraft related.

Back in June, UK distributor Character Options was confirmed as the UK supplier of Minecraft toys.

Earlier today, Character Options released details about its hotly anticipated line of Minecraft figures and playsets.

And, yes, they look awesome.

Go figure

The first wave of figures comprises Steve, Enderman, a Creeper, and a Zombie. Each 3-inch action figure comes with its own accessory and its own block.

Steve has his trusty pickaxe; Enderman has a mushroom; the Zombie has an iron sword (not diamond, I'm afraid); and the Creeper has a box of TNT and an ingot.

Each figure will retail for £7.99, and is available to pre-order from stores right now.

Furthermore, Character Options also found time earlier today to showcase its papercraft Minecraft sets, which will be available at three different price points (ranging from £9.99 to £19.99).

The first of these packs is a collection of starter sets, of which there are three variants. The first features a Zombie and Creeper; the second is a weapon pack; and the third is a farm. Each of these sets contains 30 pieces.

The second pack is set in the Snow Biome, and costs £12.99. With this pack, you can build a home, create a mine cart, transport TNT, and presumably blow stuff up.

The final pack, which is the most expensive at £19.99, has a little bit of everything. So, yeah, this Overworld Deluxe pack includes Steve, a Creeper, trees, land, and a treasure chest. Oh, and a pig.

All of the above is available to pre-order now. Character Options expects to start shipping all of these toys and craft sets at the end of the month.
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