Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.6.0 coming to iOS and Android on Wednesday
By James Gilmour 28 January 2013
Game Name: Minecraft - Pocket Edition | Developer: Mojang | Publisher: Mojang | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Brain training | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Ready your favourite pickaxe, because the wait is nearly over: Minecraft - Pocket Edition version 0.6.0 is scheduled to go live this Wednesday, January 30th.

We've been following the progress of this update closely (back when it was known as 0.5.1), and even provided a comprehensive list of what you can expect from Mojang's latest digital booster shot.

In short, Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.6.0 will deliver new blocks, improved stair-building options, new sky rendering effects (cuboid clouds), baby animals, and extra slabs.

In honour of this, Minecraft- Pocket Edition devs Johan Bernhardsson and Danial Kaplan will be broadcasting a livestream showing off the new build at 16:30 CET (or 15:30 UK time).

If you want to watch the feed as it happens, just head over to Berhardsson's Twitch.tv channel.

Busy right now? Don't worry - Mojang will post the footage on YouTube later tonight.

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