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Mikey Hooks lands on Android, and Mikey Boots gets a teaser trailer
by Mark Brown 10/4/2014
Product: Mikey Boots
Publisher: BeaverTap Games
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade, Platform

Beavertap Games has unveiled the third game in its much loved Mikey series. It's called Mikey Boots, and it's coming to mobile devices in 2014.

The short trailer - found over on TouchArcade - shows that Boots mixes the jumping of Mikey Shorts, and the grapple-hook swinging of Mikey Hooks, with new rocket-powered jet boots.

Get your hooks in

And, with the sort of finely-tuned timing that these games so often require, predecessor Mikey Hooks can be found on Google Play as of today, courtesy of publisher Noodlecake Games.

This much-loved loved pixel art platformer costs 54p / 99c and features 36 levels of running, jumping, and swinging around like some tiny 8bit Tarzan.

We gave it a Silver Award and said "A brilliant mix of precision and fun, Mikey Hooks is a worthy sequel to its illustrious forebear". Get it here.
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