Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign for iOS and Android announcement catches everyone off-guard
By Chris Priestman 01 October 2013
Game Name: Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign | Developer: Demiurge Studios | Publisher: D3Publisher of America | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle, RPG | Networking: wireless (network)
Heads up.

Executive editorial director of Marvel Digital Media Ryan Penagos confirmed on Twitter yesterday that Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is heading to Android and iOS.

There's no time for pre-hype PR or fan baiting on this one, though. We expect this match-three puzzler / RPG to surface on Apple's and Google's mobile platforms on October 3rd.

This announcement caught us by surprise as much as it has you. We haven't had a Puzzle Quest game since Puzzle Quest 2, which was released back in 2010.

All of a sudden, here's another one with Marvel slapped all over it.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Speculation has it that the 'Dark Reign' part of this game's title is a reference to the post-2009 period of the Marvel Comics during which the villains were in charge of the Marvel Universe.

Makes sense, doesn't it? Dark Reign... villains in charge... evil and darkness. Yeah, it seems likely.

Anyway, only a couple of days to wait for this one then, folks. Hopefully, we'll have a review of Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign up on the site around the launch date.
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