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Nevosoft's hidden object game Magic Academy: Part One appears on Android
by Matthew Diener 3/5/2012
Product: Magic Academy: Part One
Publisher: Nevosoft
Format: Android
Genre: Puzzle
The developers behind Dream Sleuth and Mysterville have started a new hidden object franchise on Google Play.

Nevosoft’s free Magic Academy: Part One rolled out with little fanfare but has already earned a 4.3 rating.

The magical mystery tour

Magic Academy’s plot kicks off when a young wizard named Annie vanishes from The Higher Academy of Arwindale.

Her sister Irene enrolls in the academy to find her, and in doing so stumbles upon a mystery guarded by the teachers of the academy itself.

Many elements of Magic Academy will be familiar to players of Nevosoft’s other games.

The background aesthetics and character conversation screens of Magic Academy are extremely similar to those of Dream Sleuth and Mysteryville (right down to the brown text boxes), but if the formula works- why change it?

Every little thing she does

In addition to solving the mysterious plot afoot at the Higher Academy, the player must complete spell and potion lessons while engaging in a healthy amount of hidden object search screens that have helped make Nevosoft so popular.

At 19MB and with emphasis on casual gameplay and a polished delivery, Magic Academy: Part One looks to be worth checking out for fans of puzzle games, as well as Harry Potter fans who need a break from the Lego treatment.

Google Play – Magic Academy: Part One
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