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PowerA announces new console-style Android controller MOGA Pro
by Anthony Usher 7/1/2013
Product: MOGA Pro
Manufacturer: PowerA
Format: Android
[enlarge screenshot]
Back in October of last year, accessory manufacturer PowerA released a $50 Bluetooth-powered Android controller called MOGA.

The same designer has just announced the MOGA Pro, which is a newer more robust controller that's reminiscent of an Xbox 360- or PlayStation 3-style pad.

As you can see from the image below, the pad sports four front-facing action buttons, two shoulder buttons, a traditional D-pad, and two analog sticks.

There are also two trigger buttons situated on the back of the pad under the shoulder controls.

The MOGA Pro, much like its predecessor, can hold Android phones up to 3.2-inches wide (sorry, phablet fans). Your blower of choice can be housed securely inside a rubber rocker that's attached to the top of the controller.

If your phone is bigger, you can still use the controller - over Bluetooth - but it won't sit in the neat little dock.

PowerA and its newly announced MOGA Pro are at this year's Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show, so we'll hopefully get a better look (and maybe even a hands-on) at it there.

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