Prepare to fight huge demons and heroic warriors in turn-based strategy game Lords of Discord for iOS and Android
By Chris Priestman 11 October 2013
Game Name: Lords of Discord | Publisher: HeroCraft | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy
HeroCraft has just joined the Kickstarter 'party' in the hope of securing funding for its next Android and iOS game, Lords of Discord.

I am now going to list the three terms HeroCraft uses to describe its next game. You should then know whether it's going to appeal to you or not.

Those three terms are: "turn-based strategy", "fictional fantasy world", and "armies of mythical creatures".

Put all of those together, you see, and you've got Lords of Discord. Easy.

Human after all

In Lords of Discord, HeroCraft focuses on a war between humans and demons. You can play as both sides, and each has its own intertwining campaign.

The battle system is obviously of great importance here, and HeroCraft has tried to ensure the one employed here is unique.

For one thing, your heroes are stationary once the battle begins. This means that victory comes down to how you divide your attack and defence.

Outside of the hero battles, you'll be managing a battleground and trying to take over natural resources. How you fare overall will be dependent on the units and heroes you take into battle, and the way in which you use them.

Multiplayer is another big component of tactical strategy games such as this. And HeroCraft delivers on this front with Lords of Discord.

So, yes, there will be hotseat, real-time, and play-by-mail online multiplayer for those that want it.

Presuming the £60,000 HeroCraft is seeking on Kickstarter materialises, Lords of Discord will be released on iOS in June 2014. Android players can expect to get their hands on the game just a couple of months after that.
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