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Paradox to unleash battleships with frikkin' laser beams in Leviathan: Warships
by James Gilmour 1/2/2013
Product: Leviathan: Warships
Developer: Pieces Interactive
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Strategy
Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive are hoping to cause a storm on the mobile seas with their upcoming naval battle game Leviathan: Warships.

Anchored in a fictional universe where the Commonwealth, the Marauders, and the Elites fight for control of the ocean, Leviathan: Warships brings a little sci-fi flavour to a traditionally historically accurate genre.

In Leviathan: Warships, you take control of a fleet of ships, which you must use to defeat enemy vessels over nine levels of turn-based combat.

You can tackle the campaign with the help (or hindrance) of up to three different human helmsmen, or indulge in asynchronous multiplayer battles online over 14 maps.

At first glance, it would be easy to mistake Leviathan: Warships for a pretty version of Battleships. However, these oceans run a little deeper.

For starters, there's a comprehensive fleet editor, which lets you customise your 11 different ships with 16 types of high-tech weapon. Yeh, sea lasers, lad. Get used to it.

Leviathan: Warships players will also be able to compete across Android, iOS, PC, and Mac platforms, meaning you'll be fending off attacks from all quarters the moment you turn on your iPad.

According to Paradox - who was last seen putting our dreams of a Hearts of Iron mobile port to bed - we can look forward to breaking the waves with Leviathan: Warships sometime this year. Keep your eyes trained on the horizon, sailor.

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