Get ready to punch your way to victory again in League of Evil 3
By Harry Slater 10 May 2013
Game Name: League of Evil 3 | Publisher: Ravenous Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform
When it comes to retro-infused platforming violence on smartphones, Ravenous Games pretty much has no peers.

Only last week, we were singing the praises of Random Heroes 2, the latest side-scrolling blaster from the Ravenous team. We handed that one a Silver Award and complimented its "pacing, challenge, and action".

Which makes us even more giddy about the fact that Ravenous has announced over on Twitter that it's working on League of Evil 3.

Right now, the only details we've got about the game can be gleaned from the screenshot above. The game's clearly following in League of Evil 2's footsteps, with smoother graphics than the first title in the series.

It looks like there'll still be briefcases to collect, guards to bypass, and gory obstacles designed to turn you into a gloopy mess.

And we know that the game is coming out in June, which means we don't have much longer to wait until we're leaping around Ravenous's fiendishly well-designed trap-filled levels again.

If you're not familiar with the series, it stars a muscle-bound secret agent who needs to work his way through a series of increasingly difficult bite-sized platforming levels, punching scientists as he goes.

The first game in the series, League of Evil, bagged itself a Bronze Award. The second, League of Evil 2, got a Silver. That's the sort of upwards review score trajectory we like to see.
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