Knights of the Round Cable comes to Android as Super Knights
By Matthew Diener 25 January 2013
Game Name: Knights of the Round Cable | Developer: Dancing Dots | Publisher: Focus Home Interactive | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Music/ Rhythm
There's good news ahead if you’re an Android gamer who always dreamed of swinging a fully-armoured knight about in mid-air.

Indie developer Dancing Dots announced that its quirky arcade game Knights of the Round Cable is now available on Google Play under the name Super Knights.

Full of fire-breathing dragon fun and rotating knights a-plenty, Super Knights thankfully won't require chests of gold to play - it's listed at the tempting priced of "free".

Roundabout knights

The goal of Super Knights is to collect gems as you swing about a stage. Along the way, you'll need to keep your knight away from the predations of nearby fantasy enemies like dragons and witches.

In early levels, the gems are laid out in simple patterns but later on you'll need to perfect your angle of attack and accuracy if you want to collect them all.

Being a knight, there will also be plenty of damsels in distress for you to rescue along with plenty of giant yellow birds to ride.

Actually, we're not quite sure how that last part factors into tales of medieval romance and adventure, but it does make for good fun all the same.

Google Play: Super Knights

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