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Upcoming Android game Kings Can Fly brings you airships, puzzles, and a gameplay demo video
by Matthew Diener 25/5/2012
Product: Kings Can Fly
Publisher: Firedroid Games
Format: Android
Genre: Puzzle
Firedroid has released some information about Kings Can Fly, its upcoming new puzzle game for Android.

Kings Can Fly features airships floating along on gusts of wind which are directed by gigantic fans that players build to guide the airships from the start of a board to the goal point.

The lush, 3D graphics add a good amount of fantasy and polish to what already sounds like a promising concept for a puzzle game.

Droidgamers is reporting that Kings Can Fly will come with 60 levels at launch with more promised by Firedroid in coming updates.

There's no word on the official release date or cost of Kings Can Fly, but we will keep you updated with news as it becomes available.

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