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Jet Set Radio
I don't think it's tuned in right
by Harry Slater 3/12/2012
Product: Jet Set Radio
Developer: Blit Software
Publisher: Sega
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Retro, Sports
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Jet Set Radio rightly stands as a classic of the Dreamcast era. Even now it looks subversively colourful, a blast of celshaded, blue skied brilliance in a gaming world that's increasingly reliant on angsty browns and greys.

But beyond the unique style and the effortlessly cool swagger, Jet Set Radio was a difficult beast to master. It's a game in which your fight against digital cops for some freedom of artistic expression is mirrored by the way their cel-shaded billy club attacks incessantly stop you from reaching the flowing, rail grinding grace that's bubbling just under the surface. ...
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A broken version of one of the finest electro-rollerblade games ever made, Jet Set Radio is a disappointing coda to a gloriously multi-coloured legacy
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 5
Value: 5
Innovation: 7
Overall: 5
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