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Isle of Bxnes
You can Bxnes on it
by Mike Rose 18/11/2013
Product: Isle of Bxnes
Developer: Whalenought Studios
Format: Android, iPhone
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Permadeath RPGs are slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite genres. The tension of knowing that it could all come to an end in seconds is unbearable and exciting in equal measure.

Isle of Bxnes is a permadeath RPG set in the Stone Age. You guide a tribe through a harsh environment, and if your leader pops his clogs at any point it's all over in a heartbeat.

There's a lot to admire here, although the game is a bit rough around the edges - especially where controls are concerned. It's the sort of title that you really hope will get a more polished sequel.

Only costs a few Bx ...
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Isle of Bxnes is an old school, permadeath RPG with plenty to offer, but it has a few rough edges that need sanding off to discover its full potential
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 7
Value: 8
Innovation: 8
Overall: 7
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