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First-person endless-runner Into the Dead charges onto Android
by James Gilmour 28/3/2013
Product: Into the Dead
Publisher: PikPok Games
Format: Android
Genre: Endless running
Google Play shoppers now have the opportunity to get behind the eyes of a zombie-dodging escapee in the Android version of Into the Dead.

Developer PikPok's unusual take on the endless-runner genre plays out from a first-person perspective. It is the player's objective to sprint through waves of the walking dead, steering left and right to avoid getting snagged by zombie hands.

It's not just the dead you have to worry about, though. A lot of the action involves running through fields, meaning you have to hurdle fences and dodge trees if you want to stay alive.

What we really liked about Into the Dead - which we gave a Pocket Gamer Silver Award to when it launched on iOS last year - was the game's claustrophobic atmosphere and clever mission structure.

You see, as well as choosing when to grab weapons and when to just run, you have to change your tactics to complete objectives (such as killing a set number of zombies, or not using any weapons).

Complete three of these objectives, and you will unlock the next batch of goals. It's a neat system, and one that does a great job of enticing you back for another run.

You can download Into the Dead for free from Google Play right now.
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