Out at midnight: Instantion is a The Swapper-inspired puzzler about cloning yourself
By Mark Brown 09 April 2014
Game Name: Instantion | Developer: Finjitzu Software | Publisher: Finjitzu Software | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform, Puzzle

Instantion is a game about clones.

Not Flappy Bird knock-offs and Threes! adaptations, mind you. No, we're talking about the sci-fi doppelgänger type.

When your wireframe protagonist shoots seeds out of her bosom, they turn into exact replicas of your hero. The members of your tiny clone clan then all move and jump in exact unison with you.

This enables you to solve all manner of tricky puzzles, like placing clones on pressure-sensitive buttons, messing with gravity, finding keys, and modifying your clones' speed.

Instantion will feature 50 levels, with a handful of smart puzzles on each. In total, it'll boast about 120 brainteasers.


This game certainly takes a nugget of inspiration from PC (and, soon, Vita) puzzler The Swapper. You could say, then, that it's a clone of a game about cloning, if you wanted to be clever (and, perhaps, a little unfair).

See for yourself tomorrow when Instantion hits the App Store (and Google Play soon after).

This smart, polished puzzler will cost £1.49 / $1.99, and will be a Universal app on iOS.
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