iOS and Android game banned for showing Prince Harry naked
By Jon Mundy 23 November 2012
Game Name: Hotel Vegas | Publisher: Tagplay | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Tagplay, the developer behind GTA-alike Car Jack Streets, is all set to release a new mobile game, Hotel Vegas. Unfortunately, we won't be able to download it here in the UK. That's because it features a picture of our own Prince Harry in his birthday suit.

Hotel Vegas will launch in mid-December for iOS and Android, and the developer claims it "will seriously challenge the limits of acceptable parody and satire in mobile gaming".

It's already been banned here in the UK, though, on account of the aforementioned compromising pictures of our tearaway Prince - or, at least, a thinly disguised take on the party-loving royal.

Party time

Of course, there's a game underneath all this controversy.

Apparently, Hotel Vegas is a bit like Tiny Tower, with a hint of Diner Dash's manic time management stirred in for good measure.

The twist comes in the shape of celebrity visitors to the game's Sin City hotel. And, yep, Tagplay has changed their names just enough to avoid legal action (or so the developer hopes).

These celebs include Arnold Governator, Oprah Windfall, Mel Drinksome, and Dim Kardashian, who must all have their unique needs taken care of.

They're not there for a quiet meal and an early night, mind, with raunchy parties and late-night binges all par for the course.

With the threat of journalists coming in to uncover such tawdry activities, it's a race against time to ensure the hotel runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With discretion and security presumably at the top of your priority list.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for overseas reaction when Hotel Vegas goes live on iOS and Android outside the UK in mid-December.
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