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OrangePixel's upcoming iOS and Android roguelike Heroes of Loot is in the works for Vita
by Chris Priestman 16/8/2013
Product: Heroes of Loot
Developer: OrangePixel
Format: Android, iPod, iPad, PS Vita, Ouya
Genre: Action
There's a double dose of good news for fans of OrangePixel.

First off, the Dutch developer confirmed on Twitter that its forthcoming iOS, Ouya, and Android roguelike Heroes of Loot is in development for Vita, too.

Heroes of Loot is heavily inspired by Gauntlet, though it contains many of the traditional elements of a top-down shooter.

"I took all the stuff I like from roguelikes and adventure games (leveling-up, random dungeons, looting, items) and removed all the boring stuff (statistics, assigning XP points, long speeches)," OrangePixel CEO Pascal Bestebroer told us.

"I then mixed that all up with some OrangePixel arcade action and difficulty."

Stats, stats, stats

The second slice of good news from the OrangePixel camp relates to the release date of Heroes of Loot on iOS, Android, and Ouya.

According to Bestebroer, September 12th is the magic date. Circle that in your calendar now, basically.

The aforementioned Vita port of Heroes of Loot should surface in a few months' time.
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