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Robot Entertainment's Hero Academy has finally made the long journey onto Android
by Harry Slater 11/10/2013
Product: Hero Academy
Publisher: Robot Entertainment
Format: Android
Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy
Networking: wireless (network)
Hey, Android gamers! Have you been holding out for a hero?

Well, you can stop now. That's because the really rather brilliant Hero Academy has finally surfaced on the Google Play Store.

Robot Entertainment's game is a strategic mix of chess, deck building, and turn-based strategy. Plus, it features some solid and entertaining asynchronous multiplayer.

You can even scrap it out against friends on different platforms, smashing in the cute cartoon faces of the armies of iOS and PC gamers. Which sounds like a lot of fun.

Hero Academy is free to download. You get the human army to play with in that initial download. If you want to expand your forces, though, you'll have to shell out some real-life cash.

When we reviewed the iOS version of Hero Academy at the start of 2012, we gave it a Bronze Award. We said that the game was "light on strategy, but provides smooth pick-up-and-play fun".

If that sounds like it might be your cup of tea, then head on over to the Google Play Store from where you can pick up Hero Academy for nothing at all.
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