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Harry the Fairy
by Harry Slater 13/7/2012
Product: Harry the Fairy
Developer: Zaxis
Publisher: Chillingo
Format: Android
Genre: Platform
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Modern gaming has taught us that our heroes are sponges for pain, soaking up multiple deadly wounds and laughing them off within a few seconds.

At least, that's the case in the console world. Smartphone and tablet gaming often takes a crueller approach, punishing our mistakes with swift and terminal retribution.

Harry the Fairy combines those two philosophies, handing out deaths like fun-size Mars bars at Halloween while softening the blow with a gentle checkpoint system. It makes for a less frustrating experience, but one that's challenging enough to keep most gamers happy.

All the fun of the fairy ...
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A clever maze game that requires more than a little skill, Harry the Fairy offers an entertaining challenge
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 8
Value: 8
Innovation: 8
Overall: 8
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